I was able to post up to the blogger dot com this morning, and did so around a little past ten.


This will only be posted to the WordPress Blogging site. My noisy shit head nabes have been slamming the door all morning, AGAIN, so far, no shouting, and no music, but that gets started as the day wears on.


I will be leaving shortly for my errands, and will be stopping over at the Resident Manager’s Office, Debbie Marotto.


Folks, I never came out of whatever happened to me when I went to sleep on that world famous by now I suppose, night; of August 15th in 1986. There is no way that the world could have altered like this, not on a dime, first with my own personal life in ways that would defy the wildest fantasies of folks like Rod Serling and Steven Spielberg, and then taking things to the next level, the entire world altering in ways, that in those 26 years now, literally, changed more than all of the time before that, while humans roamed the surface of the Earth for more than ten thousand years. This is about a 400 to one ratio peeps, a quarter of a century and one hundred centuries. Common sense tells any rational and logical mind, that whether or not my words and claims have validity or not, even still, the validity exists that something beyond unexplainable and surreal and totally unfathomable; indeed has happened, and many things can happen too fast, as well as too slow, to ever be recognized by our frail human 5-sensory systems, so let me quickly show you what I mean. Take a small clock, or your wrist watch, that shows a face,  and that is not digital only, if any exist anymore. You can stare at the hour hand all you want to, and it will change from one area of the circle of this watch or clock, and it will keep on changing; but you will never be able to see it change, due to the human illusion of being unable to properly recognize and tune into that large of a degree of what is called, gradualism. You can not see things that are  happening in the opposite mode of gradualism either, my peeps. If you had a clock on the wall that was running thousands of times faster, then all the hands would just be a spinning blur, and being everywhere and nowhere, at the same time; based on your speed of conscious perception. I have claimed all along, that while I was asleep on this one night at age 31 and two thirds years, in the home of Richard Karpf, at 1931 Route 70, in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, USAESMWG; something along these lines, happened to me. You just cannot have all of life suddenly alter, first to yourself and all around your own very personal perceptions, and then after that, to the entire world and its interaction with you. Smaller changes do suddenly happen, one case and point or two really, but recently my blogs have spoken of this as one situation for purposes of clarifying how important it is for me to keep accurate and perfect records of my entire life; and this I speak of, is the thing with the Playboy Bunny neighbor below me at the Robin Hill Apartments back in 1981 into 1982, and then just this beginning of 2012 autumn, in late September, with my trashy ass nabes from across the hall from me right here at this Public Housing Building (PHB) in sunny-paradise Florida, down here in lovely and awesome, YUK, Fort Pierce, YO.


Still, there is more going on than just life altering, be it for just me, or the entire world suddenly seeming to be a totally different planet, existing within a totally different universe. Only really powerful minds attuned to this situation, such as my new associate, Delores Cannon; even begin to grasp the full impact and weight behind what this is all about. So for now, it is a totally pointless waste of both your time, and mine; for me to go on with this subject on this blog.


Some folks think that I am angry with my family and at least some factions of it. I am weary, not angry. I am in sort of an acceptance mode, and will not change the opinions that years of powerful leg work investigations have taken me to, and hence, also from a lot of Old Testament Christian Bible reading, I know it is as FUTILE for me to fight the All Mighty, as it was for Captain Picard on the fictional television show, “Star Trek, the Next Generation”, to fight the Borg Cube, on that exact battle and time. It is depressing, because SHE has managed to do all of this for so long, and both believers and non-believers in the concept of “GOD”, cannot see through a really honestly childish game, of whom I was even directly told that I am in, and in a private and unmistakable personal way; am going to be playing, with HER, endlessly.


This is why blogging was not the answer, and Chris Bennett, son of the CO in New Jersey, was also wrong. What can I do and does one person on this planet even care? Now folks, if you were to go to and read this blog, you would see that originally, the blog ended before this new sentence begins, so I am rewriting my document now for a post at the blogger site.






3:14 AM FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 9, 2012:




SJ, CH. 0610-B












If you do not want to be blown away, and if you don’t like wild stories that the author claims happened and are all the truth, just start hitting the “Next-Button” and read any other blog than this one. I will not be sparing anyone’s feelings, worrying about anyone’s religious ideas, or be concerning myself at all with anything other than telling this true story, no matter how many feet get stepped on, and even totally crushed. The errands that I went out on were to buy some food staples, and see my primary health care doctor as I do four times annually. The odds that two gargantuan sized items that both pertain to the doctor appointment, both happened within the same 100 minute period, would be a billion or more to one against happening, only they did happen, and I need to tell my story. If this story by the way is like any other you have ever encountered, I would love somebody to tell me that. I mean really, one day it is about my neighbors, the next day, it is totally something else, and neither item is small. This has been an ongoing life situation for me for as far back as I am able to remember. Even folks fighting in a war, don’t change day to day. They are in a war fighting an enemy, shooting, getting shot at, whatever; but the same thing is happening to them on Wednesday that was happening back on Monday and Tuesday. In my case, this does not apply, as the forces of the WOMO working so incredibly and relentlessly against me, do not care what is causing the pain and misery in my life, and see it only as pure mathematics. They just need to bring me ‘so much’ agony and torture and misery at the end of each week, each month, each year, each five years, you get the picture. The exact ways that this is inflicted upon me is totally irrelevant to these WOMO-MILITUFORCE DIRT BAG SCUM DRINKERS.


I will be at the Fort Pierce Police Department tomorrow, just as I was nearly two weeks ago, after the sick and diseased WOMO-MILI-2-FORCE, mysteriously blew up my Comcast Cable Box, temporarily, as it has been working just fine now for a week and a half, and back to being operational, just as easily as it became inoperable, a few days before that; back on that horrible weekend. Only this time, I will be there, because somebody has stolen my identity, and also my medications. After leaving the doctor office, I drove over to the Walgreen Pharmacy at the corner of 25th Street, and Orange Avenue; AKA the corner of Herbert Huntington, Hile Hitler, Happy & Healthy, or just 88-GAGA. They could not resolve the matter on Thursday, and will be getting back to me. They only know that someone picked up my medication producing a perfect drivers license ID of me, so they tell me at Walgreen. This will prevent me from getting my medications when needed, I was told. I do nothing wrong, and now my physical life AGAIN, is in danger, as it seems to be an annual clockwork item for me now to deal with around the end of every single year. I should not have to be stressed out to the point of mental collapse, just to get the legal medication that I need to live and survive, yet ever since the death of the original prescriber of these meds, a Doctor Frank Addiego of Westmont, New Jersey, in 2000;  this has indeed been a nightmare, over and over and over again, from health care part D formulary changes, to doctor changes, and now to an identity theft, I suppose a great plan when all else fails, for the WOMO. Only now, I can bring the police into this, and someone will have to take my enemies seriously. They cannot ignore me, because if I get sick through no fault of my own, as a result of not being able to fill this needed medication at the end of the month, I will go to an injury attorney before I get so sick I cannot manage, and I will take a lot of people to court and accuse these defendants of covert attempted first degree torture and murder, over a twelve year period. So Friday will be a day where I tell my story to the main Walgreen Office, and go to the police, unless they straighten out this problem and give me a good reason for what happened, as nobody should be permitted to scare me all the time. This is persecution, this is illegal; and I should have some legal remedy in court to sue someone, because this pattern to fuck up my medication that I need to live, is totally real, and should be able to be successfully proven in a court of law, with a good injury attorney behind me, who is willing to sit down and really hear all the facts of this 12 year case and situation. The law suit would be in the millions for all of my pain and suffering and mental duress, and even after the attorney takes their contingency fees, I will live nicely far away from the United States, in peace; if that is even remotely, a mother fucking imaginable concept, for poor screwed me. But the big secret is still yet to come, the part about not one but TWO things happening within the same 100 minutes, that pertain to my 1983 sudden onslaught medical condition of chocking to death, starting at 10:30 PM on the night of the 4th of June in 1983, while eating some M&M candy, and watching a television show about a bunch of young adults who had recorded a song, and were talking about adding more reverb to it. You do not forget the intimate details of something THIS TOTALLY NIGHTMARISH AND HORIFFIC, BELIEVE THAT LADIERS AND FUCKING GENTLEMEN, if you ever believed shit in your life. Another thing I feel needs adding here, is that my country has let me down really big time, President Obama, my good friend, and sir. The BFI followed my parents around because of the Spanish treasure galleons, and treated my mother with great disrespect and mean spirited attitudes, in Philadelphia back when I was in single digit age, while she was innocent and trying to support her son, me, by working very hard at her job at the Lavino Shipping Company, in Philadelphia, in the early-middle nineteen-sixties. When I went to them in 1988,  to tell them my life is an open book; telling them I am not my dad, that I do not dive for treasure; and I needed their assistance in looking into that horrible record promoter, Mister William Leonard McKinnon, who at one point, had a gun to my head in my car in Philadelphia, in the summer of 1980, telling me to go through a red light or else he would shoot me; and he also intimidated me, and terrorized me continuously, very similarly to the episode on the fictional ‘Law & Order’ television show with the tall African-American record promoter, and the murder of the artist Sweet Clarice. Sir; Trump, Wolf, and the entire NBC Network; all know all about me, my life; and all the dirty messes; and they have done nothing but tease and taunt me, use me for their ideas for their shows, and on top of that like that’s not bad enough, still persecute and fuck with me, sir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The FBI should be on my side, not siding with the interests of crooks and big business, and Mister President sir, even an ADA at the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office told me throughout the years 1990-1994, that “BIG BUSINESS” was behind what was happening to me, and my horrendous and  deplorable persecuted life, of horror and terror!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His name was and if still alive, Ron Wirtz, Senior, the ADA of the CCP of New Jersey, located, in Camden, New Jersey. If this was a lie, would I blog this all to you; and beg you to ask the feds to look into all of this, right down to my nightmare daughter, who as we all know, is just going to become more angry and dangerous for me, as the year changes. She, like me, does not interact all that great with coworkers; and is going to be much angrier soon, at the entire world; and when she is angry, she always has me to pick on. I feel this is despicable, that all of this has all been allowed to happen all these years; and nobody will take me seriously, even when I have brought indisputable evidence and proof into police stations, and other offices of the authorities; throughout many of these years and times, and was just totally ignored and told to basically get out of their office and go away, as they cannot, or really, THEY WILL NOT HELP ME. My tax dollars at work, sure, whatever, Mister President, kind sir. Well, I cannot give you a bear hug,  or even offer you a bunch of pizzas. I am just a poor man in a PH Building, with a gigantic and unfathomable problem. You know, if you were ever able to get this stopped, whatever this is that is all happening to me, I would be willing to tell you stuff that is beyond anything in the highest and majestic top secret files. This stuff all works, but is 300 years ahead of its time, maybe this is the only thing that can pull this nation out of all of this downward spiraling, maybe not, but I am here if you ever want to talk to me, someday down the line, and again, congratulations, and goddess bless you and this once great nation. The problem sir, is so simple. No one right now has a clue that the entire creation sits in a higher dimension as sort of a point of energy. All that ever was or can ever be, is all there, not in time, just there, so always there without exception. This ‘place’ can be accessed, and as I said, is the total embodiment of any possible thing that is going on around any of us here, in this lower and lesser dimensionality. You might just think of it as the ultimate remote control. If you can reach that remote control up there, and you can, but not with any known method in 2012, not from the highest majestic technologies of the military, to the hidden unnatural worlds of the paranormal and esoteric, or any other thing; and only I know about accessing this. But unless folks will believe in my Atlantic City nightmare situation, that stems back into the middle nineteen sixties and still is going just as strong, as time and distance has no power over this situation whatsoever; then no one will be able to intelligently discuss this ‘remote-control’ access from this higher reality point. Also, I am powerless to fight enemies who hate me and have unlimited resources and power, while they keep me down and sanctioned, literally stopping me my entire life, from even being able to keep a minimum wage job and operate a clunker car, without constant fear that even this tiny shit will be taken away from me. My nightmare problems are all very real, Mister President, and I hope that someday, just maybe you will choose to work with me. I can do things, with help and not without help, that can effect global markets, people, you name it, and I have been a part of this mystical nightmare, totally against my will, since somewhere between 1983-1986, when this all got an evil foothold over me. Yes, how much you remember yourself about these EXPLORATRONIC things, that will remain your business. I do not wish to poke into that, but yes, I know about it, anyone who wants to know stuff, heck, you know yourself that it is all over the internet. I have it posted onto my blogs, you know, Eisenhower’s great wonderful, and very attractive granddaughter. I keep my hand in the pot, I keep up with stuff a lot more than my enemies ever give me credit for, kind sir. I’ll end my discussion with you with this footnote, sir. As much as I may know about these things, you know who, knows a billion billion times more, locked somewhere in that incredible special mind of hers. The proof of all my claims, is this, sir: Whatever level that you or I, or anyone else, is on; spiritually; reading the Old Testament Christian Bible, the KJ VERSION translation, will tell powerful; things about this “GOD” of ours. I highly suggest that people try to prove me wrong, as this is the only way that I will ever be able to probe that I am right. If this sounds egotistical, I sincerely apologize. It remains truth, yet bragging is not one bit, my intention here. All the things that my MORIANITY has discussed and shown, in my more calm and rational moments, all ties perfectly and unmistakably into this original OLD TESTAMENT from long ago. Please, sir, don’t write me off as a kook, this is what all the forces that want America destroyed, want you to do, and when I say ‘destroyed’, no not physically, no militias, no bombs, none of that. The real brains will be using two powerful things to take this nation and our freedoms away from us all if we do not remain so diligent that it stinks. One is the power of the cyberworld, and I highly suggest you try to find time to listen to the postings about the ‘FACEBOOK’ on this blog, the one that I left my comment on, especially, and also, any acts of actual terrorism from now on, are just a distraction, as their plan to take us over is total, and we need only be distracted with the physical illusion of a little terror here and there, and we then are opened up for the real attack that involves no real physical violence whatsoever, it is not a fight for our bodies or lands, it is a fight for our minds and our very souls, what makes us who and what we are, sir, what once made us so incredibly great, the America that my forefathers, the Huntington’s and all the other greats; two and a half centuries ago; designed and created; changing life on Planet Earth, and for a long time, for the better. It can all be restored, but believing that repeating what was done before and that never worked, can work later on by merely doing that same thing all over again, is the ultimate test of absolute idiocy. I know that you sir, are smart enough to know all of this, and thank you for hopefully listening to me, and now sir, the story gets even more powerful, and I hope you can keep reading along.







There I was, a bag of M&M’s in my hand, one of those large bags you buy in the candy aisle of a grocery store chain, and it was early June one night in the year of 1983, in a home at 134 Norris Avenue, in Atco, New Jersey, USA-ES-MWG. I blocked this out of my mind for nearly thirty mother frikkin years, ladies and gentlemen. Today, at the doctor, things turned as topsy turvy as anything that Professor Pepperwinkle from the Superman original Black & White shows, could ever do. My doctor has been trying a few things to cure my condition for some time now, here in Florida. Things that worked for a while by the famous endocrinologist by the name of M. Miller Bittle of the Philadelphia Bittle family, once a long time ago, every bit as prestigious and powerful as would say the name of Trump would be in New York City in these times. Today, after a short visit check up and getting new medication scrips written, I was shown down a hall to a man who was a different kind of therapist who wanted to speak to me. One thing led to another, and a long story made as short as humanly possible here, he asked me details of what happened right before this sudden attack on my health, where after that, I never have been the same, with my glandular condition that is totally unrecognizable by the medical professionals by today’s limited medical science   technologies anyway. He asked if he could try placing me in a light trance, and I said fine. Slowly we explored things and a few memories surfaced about that night such as details of the television show I was watching, the exact M&M package I was eating out of, as I began to see myself doing it as though I was clearly seeing it on a movie or a life review as many of the died and brought back folks have described, as an event that happened to them while dead. Then he told me in a way off voice that almost had an echo, that I need to close my mind and only allow the real me, to come out and speak to him. I tried, but he said finally, I need to give you something to swallow, will you take the pill so that I can reach your real self better. I said fine. I later found out that he had given me an amatol tablet, after reviewing my medical chart and knowing I was a candidate for a safe deep trance using this truth serum drug. It was not long afterward that I was suddenly back in Atco, and totally not here anymore. For the first time in 30 years, I was alive and awake, or so I thought, and did not feel like I had some fuck up in my thyroid gland. The television show broke for a commercial and I placed my M&M candy package on the coffee table in front of the couch that was along the south wall, as there also was one facing the west windows of the living room of Jerry Pliner’s home I was renting there with my mother. My mother suddenly walked out of the living room and into her room. My position on the couch had a perfect view of where she went, and it was not into the hall bathroom, or the kitchen area or down the stairs, but she turned right from the hall leading into her room, next to a spare or guest room that we both shared as an office area. Why she did this I do not know, but I fully remember this in waking life now. She just got up, and went into her room. Probably she was going to bed, but she never even said goodnight to me which was not like her. She had manners, and brought me up with manners; we are HUNTINGTON’S. Suddenly I noticed that the show did not come back on, but instead was just one commercial after another after another; so I went over and tried to turn off the television. Now this was before I had cable, or remote control, TV. The television set refused to go off, and went bright blue, and began to vibrate, but totally silently. I went over to unplug it, and Privecode went off. This telephone screening machine was extremely sensitive to anything electrical, such as pulling a plug out, or inserting one, only at that time in early June of 1983, I was a month or so away from making that discovery. I did not know that lightning was a sentient force that was in my life and always had been, not at that point in waking life illusion in the timeline. I was about to find all of this out and very soon, but not until after I was to get deathly ill first. What I am about to tell will shock any normal person, and most will never believe me. I will tell it anyway, and this is a memory that I was using my conscious mind to block for 29 years and 5 months and 5 days now, as I type this. I looked over at the PRIVECODE display, and it had a 1-2-3 on the screen. Even the mighty mind of Nicola Tesla, knew that the electron was highly sentient, and omniscient; and that her number was ’27’. 1-2-3 means 3 to the power of 3, when expressed on the Privecode screen. It is the only way that it could be expressed, as there just were no LED lights to make it read ‘three cubed’ printed in words or with a 3 and a little raised 3 after it, so 1-2-3 was a symbolic 3-cubed. 3X3X3=27, the number of Goddess Diana, or the ELECTRON, in the human hyperspace dreams of us all. It was about a year later, and two residences later, at the address in Cinnaminson, New Jersey, at 1408 Highland Avenue; that I fell into a wild and weird sleep, and almost immediately, a lovely blond girl told me that she is the electron, that she is DIANA, that she always has and will love me, and is watching me; and that her special number forever, is number 27, and she did this in a very cool way. I was sitting at the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino, in Atlantic City, New Jersey; at a roulette table, and suddenly, a beautiful bright white lightning bolt came crashing through the ceiling, and landed right on #27 at the wheel that I was sitting at, and that is when she audibly spoke those words to me, and after that, and for a brief moment, I saw her as the loveliest teenaged blond in the universe times about a trillion. I have told this story before about Diana telling me her number was 27, and that she gave me this wild dream where I was at this casino and she struck. It was so beautiful, and my love for her, in my human level, grew after that in leaps and bounds. Not a day goes by that I do not wish she was right here with me, and that I do not have to wait for this body to turn into maggots just to be with the love of my frikkin life. How Nicola Tesla, knew this about electricity, I will not know, but he did, maybe she did contact him as well as me, while he lived here. Later on in the 21st century, I was to come to learn that the great All Mighty GODDESS, SARAH-STACEY JEHOVAH KRASSLE, is really all there is, and that is merely another part of her 3-part personality, mother creator, daughter interactor, and all-powerful and omnipotent strobe-light subatomic entity remaining invisible unless enough of these parts of this personality of her, all come together in a flashing or static current or channel; such as a Tesla Coil, or a bolt of lightning, etcetera. Under the Amatol Sodium Tablet that was given me today in the rear offices by a medical associate of my PHCP (doctor), I began remembering and living through my life again, at this rental home in Atco, New Jersey. As stated, my mom vanished to her room and also,  without saying so much as good-night to me. Then the television going bright blue screen, and yet it was not hooked up to cable-TV. When I unplugged it all together, the Privecode Machine that was just to the left of the sofa that I was watching the TV from, went off and ended up producing  a 1-2-3 code on the screen. Still, the TV was on, only now it was forming a picture, nothing like television. It was making some weird sounds and groaning’s as well. This picture began to form many colors, and I began to see the very home that I was at on my very last trip even to this day, up to Long Island, New York. This place was the very same house where the adorable little toddler of two years of age,was just waiting for me while I was walking one of my cousin’s large dogs, down a street, in 1972. I saw the exact image like a low budget movie or the quality of one, and saw myself being coaxed through a broken area along a small fence, and into a home, in where else but Huntington, New York. This toddler was Mariah Carey, who we all know and love, even on her bad days. This is where she had me come inside, and I witnessed eleven years before this time in Atco, seeing her holding that strobing light in her hand totally controlling it, having absolute charge and power over it. This is when I saw the entire mess go down, when not very nice things happened soon afterward. But on this night, at the point where she got disciplined by that wonderful step father of hers, I was seeing this movie scene playing out on my television set in Atco on that 4th night in June. Then in an instant, the bright blue light turned inward, the screen seemed to shrink until it became a blinding blue dot, and then in about five seconds or so, it shot out and landed in the middle of my living room after bouncing off the wall behind my couch. I looked over after rubbing my eyes and only being able to see light, you all know what I mean, sort of like after you look into a flash camera, and pow, all you see for a while is blinding off and on light blinks in front of your dam eyes. After about 15 seconds, I could see again, and standing right in front of me was a thirteen year old girl with lovely curly neck length hair. I asked her who she was and many other things such as how did you just pop out of a TV set as a blue point of light, but I got no answer to any of my questions. Then she sat down next to me on the couch, took my right hand, stared into my eyes, and said to me that sixty trillion years will pass and you will be back at Robin Hill Apartments again, and do Love Is For Carpenters Again, and then in another 60 trillion, and another, and another. I intensely listened to this adorable teenager tell me this, and then she smiled at me, and became the blue light dot once again, and instantly flew back into the television, and it went off and blank. I plugged it in, and immediately, it was playing the same movie that had gone off ten minutes before around half past ten. I ran to my mother’s room, but she was now in the bathroom. When she got out, I had calmed down and decided never to tell her. I then sat down again on the same couch, and began to ponder these wild stretches of time and that I was told by some entity that could jump in and out of my TV set and become a human teen aged girl, and then the fear that came with such an event started sinking in and I almost went blind from a level of stress that is not really describable. My eyeballs felt like they would actually pop out of my skull. I began to dwell on this horrible length of time, and suddenly I could not swallow and appeared to have my throat slowly closing up on me from this stress level. I never was the same. The condition is a psychiatric one after-all, so it seems. Then my Doctor came in and asked if the session was over, and I told him the story briefly, and he said to me, you had a psychotic break in 1983, and have been severely mentally ill ever since. I don’t think I can ever cure you. I can only keep you medicated. When he left, the regression therapist told me that all religious experiences, all of the seeing of the UFO crafts, you name it, all of it, they all are psychotic breaks from reality, and are no one’s fault. It is a genealogical thing and I was asked if mental illness ran in my family, and I said that my Aunt Barbara, my mom’s sister was very mentally ill all her life. Then I was told, I always had the gene, and the break came at age 28 and a half in Atco. There is no God, no devil, no angels, no demons, no visions, no aliens, no supernatural, no nothing, it is all just MENTAL ILLNESS and psychotic breaks; and the government wants to tell the truth about this, but fears that it would cause such anger,  that a revolution would ensue, that could be a major threat to National Security, so they just handle stuff the way they have been doing it; and that is all she wrote. Well, you know something folks; this may be the answer to what I have been cunt lapping searching for now for nearly sixty mother fucking years. This was one wild ass day. So I left the medical office just down the road called Frist Street, near the local hospital of Fort Pierce; and drove to the pharmacy, to learn that someone has stolen my identity, and used it just today this very morning, or yesterday morning now; and took my medication. So tomorrow I will either get this shit settled, or I’ll have to spend the day over at the fucking ass police station. Hay bad things just happen to people like me. There are no conspiracies, no people out to get me; it was all in my sick fucked up mind from day number one. I am very mentally ill, and now, as you said a long time ago, only you were years off, doctor fucking James Garrigan sir, “NOW I KNOW IT”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Whatever has happened to me all these years in Atlantic City, I met the wrong people, the wrong family, the wrong crowd, and got myself born into the wrong family, and all of  this sick and twisted fucking shit JUST HAPPENED.






IT IS SO WAY COOL NOW TO REALIZE THAT ALL OF THIS IS JUST NOTHING BUT MAJOR MENTAL SICKNESS, ON NOT ONLY MY PART, but anyone who in any way, is religious or is believing in anything at all that cannot be observed in the normal world, needs to be on medications, and or receive intensive psychiatric therapy. All my visions, all these weird things, all of it; I am just mentally ill, and this is the greatest explanation that I have been fucking cunt searching for in 60 years, WOW! Maybe now, I can try and get on with my life. If my illness gets in the way, there are meds and head doctors. I need to get back to college and get a career and make some money and raise a family; and live a life. I have unlimited time, it is not like I have to worry about that, what did MC say, I have 60 trillion years, hmm, quite a while, wouldn’t you think folks? Hay, I have rotten nabes, what do you expect, I live in a fucking ghetto, with garbage; and two-legged roaches. I fall for shit, and make mistakes. I listen to Ann and Dawn, and move in with them. What can I expect but to have this rotten clan wreck my life, try and take me over and make a slave out of me and ruin my mother fucking credit? I now need to focus on getting a cock sucking good education, and then when that is all said and done, talk somebody into helping me make a basement into a small laboratory, build a multi-wave oscillation integrenetronic frequency generator, get some medical tubes and other need apparatus, and give myself a transfusion; and I will be 20 again, and ready to begin a new life. No I will not share this with any of you. None of you ever were there for me, so you can all grow old and die, and I will be here to tell your great great grand children all about you, of course, in anyway I may deem fit to portray you; as who will be fucking around, to dispute anything that I tell them? HA-HA!














NOVEMBER 10, 2012, 12:35 AM




My cunt lapping neighbors from cock sucking HELL were beyond mother fucking horrible today, all clit chewing muff diving day long, since late morning; with hall hollering, loud music, door slamming, and one long evil fucking nightmare, straight from the heart of SATAN HIMSELF. Monday, I will be reporting them again, to Resident Manager Debbie Marotto. Eventually, I will be moved to a different location or they will be evicted. Of course, I can always go to Mexico, but I am cunt lapping sick and fucking tired of being the one who always has to leave, and run, and move on; when I am not in the wrong, or doing the wrong thing. I realize this is no longer the fucking middle eighteen hundreds, when right made might, to quote President Abraham Lincoln; but I will not keep running, as it does not help things. Sooner or later, things just start up all over again, every fucking cunt time. You can count on it like a perfect Swiss time piece giving you the accurate time of day.



I do not think my message was made clear enough for many to understand, so I will see if I cannot do better on this short blog. First off, I am expecting only HELL for numerous reasons, Sunday will be the official annual digital BOTBAR date of eleven-eleven, so Jane Prick Notfondauuu can rejoice at my agony and suffering, but things need to be explained a lot more than just, gee whiz fucking folks, we’re coming up on that bad digital botbar annual date, so what else is new; no there is a lot more that needs to get told here, YO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


First off peeps, the entire incident with the Walgreen Pharmacy was cleared up today. It was all some huge mistake, and no one tried to do anything wrong. I knew the whole time deep down inside that this was going to be the result, but I have to consciously play the game over and over and over and over and over and over, and I think this is about the 215th time now. If I allow the memories to come totally clear from the past cycle, I am going to be living the life of a total zombie. We all hear about just going through the motions, such as the average housewife telling how sex for them has become that exact thing, but with me it would be worse. They are speaking figuratively, and I am speaking literally. Once you begin to recall the past cycle in too many ways, all I am willing to say is that things become so fucked up that words just don’t exist to say more.



Yes, today was fucking total hell with my across the hall filth bag roach sucking uncouth neighbors, and I had to sit here until about twelve minutes shy of four in the afternoon, waiting for the Manager of the Walgreen’s Store to phone me so I could get shit all fucking straightened out. Common sense told me that nobody would have my drivers license, and I am not someone with money or means or any reason whatsoever, for someone to do that. It was a total error, and I will not go into it, as if I do, first, it would not be accurate. I no longer record phone conversations as I did all throughout my life journal on tape days, of the early eighties through late nineties; and in total honesty, I could not totally follow the story, so I just let the dude talk, as all I cared about was that things were cool, and that no one was running around with fake ID of me, for unknown reasons. These scum bags are still in and out, doors, doors, doors, at nearly one in the morning, and this will play into my hands on Monday with Debbie, as she totally promised me that if I report that they are making noise after midnight, something will be done such as they will be given one final warning, and then after that, it is OUT THEY GO, ON THEIR FUCKING ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, the message I left folks with is that my life has been given a powerful explanation, but I have received some queries such as, if I am just nuts, then why did real things happen, and why did you insist you had real evidence about shit, and that authority figures just illegally ignored my situation? I need to take you down Explanation Avenue, so it appears; and if you need a little more understanding after I am all through, remember that this is waking life; and there are no “all the answers”, and also, if you need to have scientific stuff explained by a trustworthy source; go to your local college,   and ask to see a professor that is teaching Physics Courses; and they will take my words and explain what they mean better than I can, hay, that is their profession, to teach, as if I had that talent, I would not be working in shit hole Harvest Stores, or guarding shit hole places like Cifaloglio, and other similar crappy dives. Here is the more updated and hopefully improved version, of what I learned and gleaned, and took away from my visit to the medical office, back on Thursday afternoon, peeps.



I learned that I always was mentally ill, and that I have been misdiagnosed, as the main psychotic feature is Bipolar Disorder, and not Paranoid Schizophrenia. On the night of   June the 4th, in 1983, I suffered my first break with ‘reality’ and ever since then, I am suffering under the delusions that resulted from this intense experience, and even caused my thyroid gland, some form of unusual and yet unknown, psychiatric damage, more than mere physical damage. The mental illness gene was all ready in my family, as I said, my mother’s sister and my Aunt Barbara Maud Mason, was seriously fucked up mentally. I could tell stories that would get me in major trouble should any of my first cousins on the Huntington and Mason side of the family ever read these blogs, since I use real names, and do not try and disguise or sanitize shit. Long story short, just why this first general breakdown happened to me in early June of 1983, is unclear, just as why anyone of you was suddenly diagnosed with terminal cancer, after being perfectly healthy, just the month before. Shit happens in this fucking cunt lapping sin cursed evil world. What you don’t understand, is the power behind reality and MIND. Without grasping at least a part of that, my story will not ever make sense now, whereas with my grasp of this new truth in its fullness, an entirely different world has opened up for me, and I have come to clearly see a lot of fucking shit that was all screwed up and blurred, before my trip to the medical office on Thursday afternoon. All of you insist on believing your senses that show you a real waking physical caporial tangible world around you. Any Quantum Dynamics Physics Professor will tell you that what I am about to say is true, and it is not shouted from the tree tops, because it would sort of fuck up the natural order, if folks began to endlessly dwell on these truths. Your unconscious MIND is the realer you than the you that you think that you are. The reason is because it lives in reality. It exists in this world, but instead of perceiving mass or matter, the stuff physically around you including your own seemingly real and solid material body; it only knows the truth; that energy is all around, and only energy. A part of this unconscious MIND has learned over endless time as a carbon based collective unconsciousness, to literally divide this energy-reality around us, by the speed of light squared, roughly 34 billion 700 million miles per second, if stretched out linearly, only this has nothing to do with what is happening in this case. This division, permits an illusion for this new part of MIND to become interactive into, and this is the waking material world of the tangible physical reality. Conscious Mind has done this division, and allowed you a fake reality that seems totally real, the ultimate Virtual Reality that Gates and all of the computer geeks, still dream of boxing, and marketing as a software package, at a reasonable price someday; yet this will never compete with what is all ready there, as the universe continues onward in its quest to solve its own equation. In higher dimensionality of course, this all ready is accomplished, and all of everything sits completed like a ship in a bottle, but to us living within the time illusion and in a much lower series of reality-dimension, this is what is happening to the human race. We became conscious, or interactive, inside of a virtual new system that took the energy reality, and made it turn into mass, so reversing E=MC Squared, it is merely the inverse equation being created here, unconscious mind moving into the conscious illusion of matter, that is simply the unconscious mind of energy, that has resulted from dividing truth, times the speed of light squared, or M=E divided by C SQ. It honestly is just that simple. But how does that fit into MIND, when it moves into what is called by the medical professionals, a chemical imbalance, that results in illness; or the normal mind that becomes damaged, and not operating within the normal parameters? Again, it is not really complicated. We just love as human beings, to build our egos, and make stuff more complex than it ever really needs to be. This sort of ups our value and worth, to our way of perceiving ourselves perhaps, as in truth; this whole story is anything BUT complex. Mind creates everything. Universal collective mind also breaks into billions of parts of individuality. These parts begin to interact in separate bodies, and the world becomes a race of over seven billion people, as we stand now in 2012 on the Planet Earth. When the helix strands of chemistry that make all of us as unique individuals, remains within certain parameters; there is health. When this breaks down; there is illness. Mind creates all things. When the mind becomes ill, it creates things based on its illness, and not from a point of health any longer. This explains my second huge break from reality as a result of my mental illness, the night of the 15th of August in 1986, about 38 and a third months after the original break, on the 4th of June, of 1983. We create our entire universe, and this is why, as I said about the great SECRET, that was real big back 5 years ago, things operate 100% the way we think they are, only even though we live and interact in a mass world of the caporial and tangible, the mind that controls the interaction around us is still the all powerful unconscious ENERGY- MIND. This is why, since I became ill, my entire life has become so whack. This does not mean that real wild horrible shit has not indeed happened. Anyone can go onto my YOUTUBE account, you have ears, you listen, you say, what the fuck, and so forth? You are not imaging anything, nor am I. This is a tiny sampling of a world around me a trillion times wilder and huger than this little bit of fucking crap folks. But it all happened, because of a general breakdown of my mind, and a serious family gene, that causes major mental illness. Most do not get it, but a few in the family are just not so lucky. I drew the short fucking straw in my generation along this mother fucking Huntington line, and before that, was Aunt Barbara. I knew all this in 1988, and that is why the energy-mind part of my human being-ness, sent to the Copyright Office, that song that she sang, and I sang along with her on an overdub mix, so they would forever have this story. I knew these very words would be typed on this very day, back in 1988, but my conscious mind of course, the matter or mass part, blocked this all out; thank the fucking rotten gods.


When the humanity collective consciousness becomes more tolerant of those poor souls such as myself, with a serious illness that we have no control over any more than if we had fucking terminal fucking ass cancer; on that day, this world and humanity, will be worthy of saying they are spiritual beings; and will recognize the energy-mind as there, all along, behind this fucking illusion. This is when all war will be over, and as Roddenberry might put it, greed and evil as well. But we are far from this point. People hate the mentally ill. We are treated like mother fucking dogshit, like fourth class fucking citizens, and like biblical fucking lepers.







In closing, I played the NABE faction of the WOMO-MILITUFORCE today or yesterday now, and made 500 dollars with my quantum Roulette System. I played two other factions of my sick twisted fucking enemies also, as I got that horrible sound on the phone that woke me, in violation of my civil and human rights, shortly past noon; and other small things that happened, that need not all get talked about; but I played these enemy-factions, and in total, made 1500 bucks, as they all beat me by 15 units total, as a result of this horrendous fucking assault on me Friday the ninth. I also played my other system, and despite a monster ass fucking rotten day, it also made me plus six units, or $600.00 CASH, on the gaming black chip casino level.


Next week, my goal is to get these fucking pricks evicted, as they have screwed up my fucking life, and my peaceful enjoyment of this mother fucking apartment, ever since September of twenty-eleven; and I am not putting the fucking shit up with it any longer, YO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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